Kenai ❤️

Kenai ❤️

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One year ago I decided to get another malamute. It was a short-term decision and I said YES to my lovely boy before I thought about it. My heart said YES to him. ❤️ But it was the best decision ever. He makes the pack complete. Kenai takes each day as it comes, sleeps sometimes a little bit to long, can eat every time and is always on my side. He makes me laugh and comforts me when I'm sad, never leaves me alone and cuddles with me at every time. He has the greatest and warmest character and a heart of gold 💛. I'm so glad to wake up next to you every morning. To know that you are always happy and so thankful for all the little things. Happy Birthday Kenai, my faithful black bear 🐼 #alaskan #malamute #alaskanmalamute #malamutenorthernroots #happybirthday #kenai

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