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Sweden 2017

Sweden 2017

What it’s like to travel Scandinavia in a van?

New Roots

3 weeks may not seem like much for a roadtrip. But it was our first trip together in a van and at the end none of us wants to go home. It’s funny how some of the people you meet become family faster than you ever thought possible.

21 days, 6.000 kilometers, 4.600 photos and 4 countries ago I began a life changing journey to figure out who I was and who I want to become…. My goal was to get lost in the middle of nowhere to find myself again.

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Schlittenhunderennen Maria Alm

Schlittenhunderennen Maria Alm

Weiße Gipfel, glückliche Hunde und traumhaftes Ambiente

Ein großartiges Wochenende in Maria Alm: Dort fand die 5. Hochkönig Challenge statt – ein ganz besonderes Schlittenhunderennen. Um diese paar Tage perfekt zu machen, hatten wir ein traumhaftes Wetter, zwar etwas kalt mit -20 Grad, aber wunderschön. Wolkenlos und Sonnenschein tagsüber, unendlicher Sternenhimmel nachts.

An den beiden Renntagen konnte ich als doghandler helfen und somit einen Einblick bekommen, worauf man beim Vorbereiten der Hunde Acht geben sollte. Ich lernte einige neue und unglaublich nette Leute kennen, bekam viele hilfreiche Tipps für mein Training und die Hunde gewöhnten sich an die Situation, das Stake Out und den Rhythmus.

Ich bin sehr dankbar für dieses atemberaubende Wochenende! Mehr Impressionen hier.

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„I’m thankful for nights, that turned into mornings,

friends that turned into family and

dreams that turned into reality.“


New Year – 

New Year – 

2016 ended and it was a damn tough year for me. Nevertheless I’m grateful for everything. I got new friends and new sponsors; I learned a new way to think and I always had the best dogs on my side. So it’s time to close the door to the past and open the door to 2017. It will be an awesome year. I have many plans and dreams I’ll definitely implement. I have a cozy van for our coming adventures, I’ll train harder with my dogs than ever and maybe we’ll start on our first short race. I also plan a litter in spring and there are some more things I’ll surprise you later.

I want to thank you all. To be there, read my blog and always stay tuned. I also wanna thank my great sponsors to believe in us, send me good things and always make my dogs happy.

For 2017 I wish you a lot of beautiful moments, breathtaking adventures and all the blessings a heart can know ❤️ May your new year get amazing ✨ all the best from me 😘