Create a Home

Create a Home

Make the dream a reality

I had the thought to buy a van. Just a normal van, nothing special. I started to make some research and found a lot of very good looking, and damn expensive vans. Okay. Nothing for my wallet…

I told my dad about my dreams and thoughts. Like always, he surprised me with better ideas. Some days later I found myself at a car dealer. He showed me one and I thought: definitely not. I wanted a other van, older, cheaper and smaller!! Not that flagship.Just a van for me and my dogs: four wheels, two seats, two dog boxes and one bed. That was my definition of a mobile home. Oh I was so wrong…


Take your time and choose wisely

Don’t be to quick to buy a van. Take your time and choose a van that suits you. It should be a home in the end. A mobile sleeping room, kitchen and living room. A home on wheels if you want. Something where you feel comfy and where you also could stay for some days, if it’s raining like hell – or something.

Quebec – Sleepy Head

All about my Home on wheels

Part I – The beginning

Part II – Plan your van

Part III – Make a start

Part IV – The last part