New Year – 

New Year – 

2016 ended and it was a damn tough year for me. Nevertheless I’m grateful for everything. I got new friends and new sponsors; I learned a new way to think and I always had the best dogs on my side. So it’s time to close the door to the past and open the door to 2017. It will be an awesome year. I have many plans and dreams I’ll definitely implement. I have a cozy van for our coming adventures, I’ll train harder with my dogs than ever and maybe we’ll start on our first short race. I also plan a litter in spring and there are some more things I’ll surprise you later.

I want to thank you all. To be there, read my blog and always stay tuned. I also wanna thank my great sponsors to believe in us, send me good things and always make my dogs happy.

For 2017 I wish you a lot of beautiful moments, breathtaking adventures and all the blessings a heart can know ❤️ May your new year get amazing ✨ all the best from me 😘

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