Sweden 2017

Sweden 2017

What it’s like to travel Scandinavia in a van?

3 weeks may not seem like much for a roadtrip, but it was our first trip together in a van, and at the end none of us wants to go home. I also recognized that my dogs are much more calm and kind in sweden then at home. It breaks my heart to put them into the car and go home again…

We began by traveling through Sweden. The most beautiful thing about that country is their unlimited landscape. Quickly, I was captured by the wildlife. Those big, open spaces make it easy for vanlife. You never have any issues finding places to camp for the night or finding free water.

I like being immersed in a country with its cultur and landscape and that we are able to stop everywhere. Sweden has immense forests, thousands of lakes and a wonderful nature. Although when it’s raining it’s great to be there.

21 days, 6.000 kilometers, 4.600 photos and 4 countries ago I began a life changing journey to figure out who I was and who I want to become…. My goal was to get lost in the middle of nowhere to find myself again.

As I sit here (ironically an coincidentally the last day of my trip) I know that this isn’t the end of my journey…but the beginning.

I want to thank everyone who gave me a roof over my head, a story to tell, memories to remember, a beer or a cup of coffee. I want to thank especially those people who had time for me, learned me how to drive an ATV with my dogs through the woodsshowed me how to make fish and meat from the beginning or gave me good advices how to train my dogs to get a better team.

For those of you who take your time to show me incredible places, shared your breakfast with me or gave me a hug when I needed. Thank you! You made this trip unforgettable.

I met the best mushers, connected a lot of friends – with the same interest and it gives me so much. I’m thankful – no more than thankful to choose the right time and the right place to be.

It’s a dream! For some, it might appear to be heaven for vanlife.