White Powder

White Powder

Adventure is worthwile


It’s always exciting to get a fresh snowfall: Pack all things you need, take your dog and go outside. Especially your dog will love it!

Let’s face it – Winter is our favourite time. Especially for me and my dogs. We are outside as much as we can; We go snowshoeing, go sledding or just having fun in the woods. But we also like the cozy evenings inside: hot chocolate, delicious cinnamon buns and lots of cuddles in a soft atmosphere. There is nothing better.

To give you some ideas of our outdoor adventures, I made a list with some of the importants tipps and informations.

Activities we like

Snowshoeing – Okay, it doesn’t sound very welcoming, but it is the perfect way to get outdoors and active with your dog. Look for easily routes, maybe with a partner for the beginning. Try to go up on mountains or throug snowy woods, it’s an amazing training for you and your dog.

Dog Sledding – If you have a dog at home, which is able to pull a sledge, then try it. Nothing is worth more! Every beginning is hard, but after some training, you are much more happier. Make it a new experience this winter and upgrade to dog-sledding. Important is that to inform you enough before you start in the backyard of your house. You can make a lot of things wrong (too much weight, too long routes, wrong harness, …). If you do something wrong, then you really can ruin the health of you pup.

Where is it? – Most dogs have a great sense of smell and love to dig? Snow is the perfect hidding place for almost anything. Hide treats or toys all over your yard and sww what motivates your dog. Watch them and have fun!

There are a few things you will need to keep in mind to make sure that any winter activity with your dog is safe as well as fun:

Keeping Your Dog Safe

It depends on the breed you have and where you live or where you will go for an adventure, but make sure that your dog is protected against the cold temperatures. Shorthaired dogs, for example, will most likely need to wear a coat or a warm sweater to help keep them warm. Therefore you should pick wisely. We trust Ruffwear’s dog gear a lot. They are thoughtful produced and really good looking!

Your dog should enjoy the time you spent outdoors together, so please protect them as much as you can. When I plan trips with my dogs, I better take too much dog gear with me, than less.

Ice and snow accumulate between furry toes causing cuts or irritation, so I check them frequently and always have some booties in my backpack. Mostly too much booties 🙂 If you don’t want to use booties, so I also have some vaseline with me. It protects the paws as well as booties.

Next to the dog gear, it’s also important to have a few other things with you: Treats and water for your dog; And at least, but very important: Protection for you!

I always have avalanche equipment in my backpack. It consists an avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and an avalanche probe. Maybe you think it’s just a small hill or it wouldn’t happened to you, but better be safe on your trip. It will help you and your dog as well.


Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Running through woods or snow-covered streets is a great adventure for your dog, but be careful when you letting your dog run free. I’m very strict in this case. As much as I want to let them run free the whole time, so I also have a big fear something can happen. When we are up in the mountains we always find solutions where they can run free, but I also know when I have to leash them. The pups are excited when they see all the powder, of course. But there are so many hazards: The most dangerous are the avalanche terrains. Your dog won’t know that and it’s a factor you can’t always control.

The second hazard are the skiers and boarders. They’re up on the mountains to enjoy the powder as well. They’re looking for the best routes and they’re quite fast. Your dog can be injured by the skiers, or loose you in a group of skiers. And by the way, a lot of people don’t like dogs off leash…

Respect them as well. We all want to explore the best places, but we also have to respect others. So, wherever you might be, take live seriously. Go outside and make memories!

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