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Alaskan Malamute of Northern Roots

one girl. four sleddogs.
living in the woods, open for adventures.
About US
our story
what started as a passion of mine, has morphed into a way 
to connect deeper with nature and to live more open-minded than i ever did. living on a remote place, between mountains and pines, with a pack of malamutes unfolded a life of adventure and exploration. it shaped a world for me and my pack that allows us to pursue our dreams.



outdoor enthusiast, wild heart
and freelance writer



rural, but handsome dogs,
looking for adventures



mostly we drive up north: sweden
or norway – again and again



a cabin in the woods, between mountains and pines; and a home on wheels

Who we arE: Malamute of
northern roots
it’s me, jasmin and my pack of eight companions – living in a house in the woods, somewhere in austria. i'm a freelance writer within the outdoor and sustainable interior niche; further i do animal communication and bodywork.

i’m thoughtful and introvert, open-minded and in love with life. all around grateful; and adventurous. while living wild and being present in the here and now, i try to inspire people to enjoy nature, and it’s simplicity. because i’m convinced, that it’s important to find the beauty in all the small things in life.
the crew
Simplicity in all ways, or
a love affair w/ nature
the role of nature seems to be used to express freedom, but for me, it’s also a bit more than that. it’s a romantic way to live our life, first and foremost. for me, the forest and the mountains, the sun and the moon are a passion itself. it’s the spirit of adventure and the beauty of nature that captures me, recharges my reserves of strength and let me grow. nature moves me to be courageous, to let go of fears and to allow quiet contemplation.

and: i truly believe that we all can be an adventurer. it isn’t something you become; it is a state of mind.
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our life is precious and time isn't countable. in the last few years i've learned even more to use it wisely, to follow my intuition and to feel gratitude for everything that crosses our path. next to malamutenorthernroots i'm working on some other projects.

the wild nooks

i’m a freelance writer and content creator passionate about nature and living a sustainable life. my work include to inspire people and brands – with content and poetries build on a passion for adventures, the great outdoors and the environment.

animal nutrition

what you feed your animals play an important role in ensuring their health, welfare, and productivity. as an animal nutritionist i create plans for different types of animals by examining their genetics and assessing the condition of their wellbeing.


discover different natural ways – like animal communication or cranio sacral therapy – and learn how they positively influence body, mind and soul of your animal – easily and effortlessly, from home or on the road.

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