One girl. Three Sleddogs.
what started as a passion of mine, has morphed into a way to connect deeper with nature and to live more open-minded then I ever did.
Years ago I felt fed up with the life I was living, I felt tired of the recurring everyday-life and the focus of consumerism. So, I started to travel, to write and to concentrate on the little things in life, the important ones. And while I traveled through northern countries, I realized, that life is a continuing story of self-discovery, a way into the wild.

A window opened, when I found a wooden house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded with a forest and a lil’ river. A place to call home, and a place, where I became whole and happy – together with my pack.
It’s a place where I found inspiration and purpose, where I started to write poems, which I hope, will inspire other to spend time in the wonderful nature, that we have very close at hand.

To be outside in nature is an inspiring experience and there are endless opportunities – from the adventurer who sets out to conquer the highest peaks to a group of friends, sitting around the glowing warmth of a campfire on a cold night.

Not everyone has the resolve to climb a mountain, hike
along a cliff or paddle out into the early morning waves, seeking permanent solitude and isolation deep in the wild. The role of nature seems to be used to express freedom, but for me, it’s also a bit more than that. It’s a romantic way to live our life, first and foremost. It’s a passion within the forest itself, and it’s all I wish for me and my pack.

That was a part of my story – and hopefully I can help you capture yours. Because I truly believe, that we all can be an adventurer. It isn’t something you become, it is a state of mind.
The Crew
Living in the Woods, somewhere in Austria

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